It is a dangerous and severe condition that may lead to death and encephalopathy. Additionally, if you cook with or use a lot of soy sauce, buy the E211 free variety. 15 Interesting Facts About Therapist + Carrer & Salary, Ardas Bhaee Mantra Prayer Meditation For Healing, Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambo Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning, Chanting Benefits, Om Tryambakam Yajamahe – Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Meaning and Significance, 10 Powerful Ancient Tibetan and Sanskrit Mantras For Healing, Om Namah Shivaya Meaning (Panchakshari Mantra) – Shiva Mantra, 15 Interesting Facts About The Book Of Enoch, 25 Interesting Facts About Wilfred Owen And His Poems. Extra heartbeats. Posted on Published: August 10, 2020 - Last updated: August 10, 2020 By: Author Health Guide's Editorial. 2018 May;5(5):e211-e220. Sodium benzoate has been used to cover or enhance the scent of products and also as an anticorrosive. Sodium benzoate is generally safe when used in normal dosage. Hyperammonemia typically occurs when nitrogen load exceeds the capacity for clearance. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead and ditch the canned foods – when possible. A more common problem, however, is the combination of sodium benzoate and citric acid and/or ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 2. Side effects: No side effects in the concentrations used. Sodium benzoate (E211) side effects include allergies, headaches, mitochondrial damage, and when mixed with vitamin C, it forms benzene - a carcinogen. It can be produced by reacting sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid. It is made by the neutralization of benzoic acid, a substance that is present in numerous products, ranging from cosmetics to food. antimicrobial preservative and flavoring agent used in the food industry and a tablet and capsule lubricant used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry Like many other similar food industry chemicals, E211 was originally found in an organic form in nature and trace amounts of the organic form can be found in cranberries, blueberries, apples, cinnamon, and plums. The rate at which benzene is formed is affected by heat and light, as well as the time the products spend on a shelf from production to consumption. In the U.S., this substance is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA but has limited usage to 0.1 percent of a product by weight. E220, E221, E222 E223, E224, E225, E226, E227, E228. Be sure to do your due diligence and try and eliminate sodium benzoate from your diet. So far I have not found a single one and have now just given up. Artificial Sweeteners Side Effects and Disadvantages During Pregnancy & Weight Loss. The exact cause of the disease is not yet fully understood, however, some factors are believed to increase the risk of developing the condition, such as: According to a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, E221 has positive results for Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. May 22, 2020 June 27, 2019 by Your Health Remedy's Staff. General Side Effects. Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. The most concerned side effects are carcinogenic. Plus, mitochondria control cell growth and cell cycle. In the US, this food additive is designated as generally recognized as safe by the US FDA. Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Alcoholism and Ashwagandha, Asparagus Juice Recipe to Fight Diabetes and Heart Disease, 16 Vegetable Juices With Healing Properties. Though sodium benzoate side effects are practically zero, it is important to note that sodium benzoate when mixed with ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate, it forms benzene which is a known carcinogen. It is a crystalline, odorless powder that dissolves in … Variations. Sodium benzoate is a substance which has the chemical formula C 6 H 5 COONa. Sodium benzoate, with an E number of E211, is the sodium salt of benzoic acid.Introduced in 1999, it is a colorless crystalline powder that is commonly used as a food preservative because it helps in inhibiting the growth of fungus and bacteria in acidic products. E211 – sodium benzoate side effects Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder A study published in 2007 and conducted by the UK’s FSA – Food Standards Agency demonstrates that a combination of certain artificial colors and this chemical may be strongly associated with … A study published in 2007 and conducted by the UK’s FSA – Food Standards Agency demonstrates that a combination of certain artificial colors and this chemical may be strongly associated with ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Therefore, this preservative extends the shelf life of many products, while it shortens human life. The main difference between category 'A' and category 'B' is the harmful qualities typically present in 'B' items. by up to five points in children. Some studies have concluded that this chemical itself can damage DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) by attacking the cells’ mitochondria (mitochondria act as the power plants of the cell). In some people benzoic acid and benzoates may liberate histamine and thus cause pseudo-allergic reactions. Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and is commonly used as an antimicrobial substance and food preservative. Since phenoxyethanol can be naturally derived, it would seem that the potential side effects would be significantly less than the chemicals it has replaced. Also, the mitochondria are involved in other cellular activities, such as – cellular differentiation, signaling, and cell senescence. Despite potential benefits, sodium benzoate can have side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain (2, 18). It is a usual food preservative used in soft drinks, pickles, jellies, jams, or salad dressings. Other side effects include: cerebral edema, convulsions, metabolic acidosis, vascular disease, altered mental status, anemia, cardiac disorder, disorder of integument, fever, hyperammonemia, hyperglycemia, hypokalemia, hypotension, mental disorders, and renal disease. Another health concern related to sodium benzoate is the potential effect of causing hyperactivity in children. When tested by the Food and Drug Administration, most beverages that contained both vitamin C and E211 had benzene levels that were below those considered threatening for the health of the consumer. Yes. According to the data, E221 itself can damage DNA by attacking the cells’ mitochondria. It does not contain artificial colours or E211 and is therefore a much more useable medicine with no real side effects. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include: watery or itchy eyes; Because mitochondria are so crucial to the functions of cells and their oxygen consumption, damage over time can lead to disease and malfunction. * Report new side effects to us by sending email to It also occurs naturally in teas and some fruits, including – plums, apples, prunes (dry plums), and cranberries. 1. A lot has been questioned about sodium benzoate safety recently in health circles. When ingusted in large dosage (up to 50g), it can cause nausea and vomiting in certain group of individuals. Some medicines warned the additives they contained could have harmful side effects e.g., �E123, E214, E216 & E218 may cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).� The side effects listed included irritation of the skin, eyes and mucosal surfaces, stomach upset and diarrhoea. The European parliament suggested that all food products in the European Union that contain any of the offending additives should carry a warning label on the packaging of the harmful side effects that may occur if consumed. This compound is also used as a treatment for UCD – urea cycle disorders, a disease that affects how the body removes the waste that results from breaking down protein. According to a 2009 study that was published in the “Journal of Immunology,” E221 has potential use in helping treat multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable, commonly disabling disease of the CNS (central nervous system) which disrupts the flow of information between the brain and body, and within the brain. Multiple sclerosis is about 2 to 3 times more common in women than men. Some of these reactions can occur a few days after exposure. All artificial sweeteners are chemically processed. In combination with vitamin C, E211 and potassium benzoate may form benzene, a known carcinogen, which, for instance, has caused cancer in workers exposed to high levels. As for hayfever treatments - forget it! Although sodium benzoate is usually safe, it may cause mild side effects in certain individuals. Sodium benzoate is a preservative sometimes found in soda and condiments. abnormalities in the brain’s structure or chemistry; lifestyle factors, such as a junk food diet, sedentarism, poor sleeping habits, smoking tobacco, or alcohol abuse; buy prepared sauces, soups, and condiments in glass jars; let food cool to room temperature before putting it into plastic storage containers; use ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or wood containers for storage; use ceramic or glass bowls or dishes to heat drinks or food in the microwave; use stainless steel or glass water bottles; never heat food or drinks in plastic containers in the microwave. It is a widely used food pickling agent, with an E number of E211.It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and exists in this form when dissolved in water. Benzoates, also known as flowers of benzoin, phenlycarboxylic acid, benzene carboxylic … Bisphenol A (BPA): What are the side effects? Nevertheless, sodium benzoate has no known adverse effects in its organic form. Whatever youve heard about sodium benzoate, its important to l… Sodium Benzoate is a salt of Benzoic Acid, found naturally in cranberries, prunes, plums, cinnamon, ripe cloves, and apples and used as a preservative in cosmetics and personal care product formulas as a fragrance ingredient, masking ingredient, anti-corrosive agent, and most frequently, as a preservative. If you’re concerned about consuming food preservatives like sodium benzoate, be sure to check the ingredient lists of the products you purchase. Also, it is most frequently diagnosed in people in their 20s and 30s, however, it can develop at any age. medications, such as – liquid acetaminophen, liquid cough syrups, amoxicillin, and medicinal creams. As a food additive, sodium benzoate has the E number E211. Different studies have different points of view about the sodium benzoate side effects. Plus, make your own cleaning products. Also they banned the use of E211 and E212 in food products and energy drinks that contains ascorbic acid or citric acid. Sodium benzoate is combined with sodium phenylacetate (the sodium salt form of phenylacetate) to treat hyperammonemia, a condition that is characterized by elevated levels of ammonia in the blood. As a preservative, E211 prevents fungi and bacteria from developing in products and contaminating these items and changing their compositions. It is derived from a reaction of benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide, therefore, E221 is actually the sodium salt of benzoic acid. All content, including text, images, graphics, and information, contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. Sodium Benzoate or E211 – Facts, Uses and Adverse Effects, Teeth Problems – Spiritual Meaning, Causes, and Prevention, How to Pick a Juicy, Sweet and Ripe Watermelon From the Grocery Store, Cerasee Tea (Bitter Melon Tea) Proven Side Effects & Health Benefits, Thought as Energy – How Can Poor Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health. Furthermore, the limit for safe drinking water as set by the FDA is less than 5 parts per billion. Mitochondria are rod-shaped organelles that can be considered the power generators of the cell, transforming nutrients and oxygen into adenosine triphosphate. The Food and Drug Administration has limited the addition of E211 as a preservative to 0.1 percent by weight. If combined with vitamin C, it can form a hazardous chemical called benzene. According to studies, benzene causes acute myeloid leukemia (a type of cancer which is characterized by an overproduction of immature white blood cells). fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse. A professor at the University of Sheffield found that E211 and the damage that it can cause to DNA structure and to mitochondria can be connected to numerous neurodegenerative diseases and can also damage the aging process as a whole. Chronic exposure to benzene can significantly reduce the production of both white and red blood cells from bone marrow, possibly leading to aplastic anemia. Stabilizers. It can be produced by reacting benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide. Sodium benzoate is a manmade additive that can be found in various preserved foods, condiments, medicines, and beverages, and may represent a potential health risk when consumed in excess.. What is Sodium Benzoate? Side Effects of Sodium Benzoate. E211 is a well known and widely used preservative for pharmaceutical products such as flavored vehicles, syrups, and multiple-dose containers for liquid preparations. Because these substances are many times sweeter than table sugar, smaller quantities are needed … Our expert will review it and respond soon. Consult a medical practitioner for health problems. Plastic containers leach harmful chemicals into other dishes in the dishwasher. 3. Common side effects of Caffeine and Sodium Benzoate Injection include: headache excitement agitation restlessness irritability anxiety hyperventilation shortness of breath visual disturbances nerve sensitivity (increased sensitivity to touch or … Theres evidence that exposure to the substance leads to diseases like cancer, Alzheimers and ADHD in children (1). Just as humans need oxygen to breathe, cells need oxygen to function correctly and to fight off infection and free radicals. In addition, producers add it to beauty and health products such as shampoo, mouthwash, deodorant, and body lotions. Hyaluronic Acid (Injection or Pills) For Skin - Side Effects (Liver & Cancer), Benefits, Dosage, Cerasee Tea – Benefits (Detox & Weight Loss, Acne, Diabetes) & Side Effects,,, Short & Long Term Side Effects of Donating Plasma, Tripotassium Phosphate vs Trisodium Phosphate In Cereals – Dangers and Uses, Yeast Infection vs Chlamydia: Symptoms & Differences. Acts as a preservative to … The main side effect of this additive is that it can trigger asthma. Sulfites. Health Guide Net provides qualitative and informative articles on health, diet, and beauty. The cause of schizophrenia is still unclear but some scientists think that is caused by: Alzheimer’s is the most frequent form of dementia, a medical term for memory loss, and other cognitive problems. Sodium benzoate, also call E211, is the salt product of benzoic acid. trembling or shaking of the hands or feet.Additional severe side effects may result from the combination of sodium phenylacetate and E211, including chest pains, severe headache, fainting, slow heartbeat, blurred … Sodium benzoate is a widely used food preservative, with an E number of E211. When these ingredients get together, they form benzene, a cancer-causing chemical … Allergic Reactions. This chemical can cause the following side effects: Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include: In combination with ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate may form benzene. READ THIS NEXT: Prunes vs Dates – Comparison. Benzoates. Your email address will not be published. This is probably the most important rule if you want to stay on the food safety side – even if you have just picked your vegetables and fruits up from your garden, always wash them before eating them. Also, there is limited evidence that benzene may also cause multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. To reduce the amount of E211 ingestion, avoid consuming soft drinks and other products that list sodium benzoate as an ingredient. McCann et al. Awakening State is an independently owned online magazine that seeks to bring together like-minded individuals focused on expanding their consciousness and personal growth. Conscious Nutrition or Mindful Eating – Eat Less, Enjoy More! It is also used to treat hyperammonemia, which is a metabolic disturbance, characterized by an excess of ammonia in the blood. I have searched high and low for a children's hayfever treatment which does not contain E211, sodium benzoate. Side Effects Of sodium Benzoate: Of the numerous noted side effects, I’ve compiled a list of the most common. Sodium benzoate is a synthetic additive and preservative made by combining benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. This chemical can cause the following side effects: diarrhea; weakness; increased anxiety; irritation of the stomach; unexplained weight gain; dizziness; heart palpitations; nausea; sleepiness; abdominal pain; convulsions; hypotension. Sodium Benzoate (E211) is a preservative used to prevent food from molding. Though these connections have not been totally proven, many well-meaning people are rightfully concerned about the effects sodium benzoate may have on their health and safety. Sodium benzoate is a chemical used as a preservative in for several types of food, including margarine, soft drinks, pickles, jelly and jam. Suggested Dosage It is especially used to preserve acidic foods and beverages such as pickles, salad dressings, fruit juices, and soft drinks. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(18)30021-3. Sodium Benzoate (E211) – Uses (Cosmetics), Benefits, and Side Effects In Food (Allergies + Cancer) Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and is commonly used as an antimicrobial substance and food preservative. More importantly, long-term exposure to benzene can cause cancer of the blood-forming organs. The parts of the human body, like – the brain, heart, lungs, and muscles, requiring the highest amounts of energy, are the most affected. It is commonly used as a preservative (preservatives are the substances added to food to prevent undesirable chemical changes or decompositions by microbial growth) found in many soft drinks and foods, including: To prevent bacteria from contaminating these health and beauty products, many producers add this compound to: Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that affects how a person behaves, thinks, and feels. In addition: The only way to be sure that you are eating 100 percent organic products is by growing them yourself. However, the scientists at Southampton University established that tests have shown that consumption of E211 lowers the I.Q. Dietary restrictions: None – benzoic acid and benzoates can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. On the back of a soda can, you can find sodium benzoate in the ingredients list as E211, which is the number assigned to it as a food additive. ADHD is a group of behavioral symptoms that include hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsiveness. Serious side effects are usually uncommon, but are still possible and should be taken note of.