So, I am asking for trouble when I turn on my hairdryer while the Alde heating system is running at full tilt. After setting up we found the caravan took a long time to warm up - once at temperature it was fantastic.! Jennifern = certainly sounds as though you have a fault somewhere, we spent several weeks touring France then in the UK and probably changed sites 10 or 12 times and the fluid level has stayed constant. To swap the direction of flow you need to drain down the fluid into a bucket. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. In most caravans and motorhomes the space heating is provided via a hot air furnace (typically made by Truma). I would phone Alde for advice. The problem is that most of us want more electrical gizmos in our caravans. Online blog and travels, although sometimes there is a lack of travel due to work! 01476 372245. Bringing this topic back up in the hope Alde will see it and reply. 2018 Range Rover Sport AB,  2015 Buccaneer Cruiser. This with possibly the help of a mirror or phone photo is an easy initial point to check. One, you set the temperature to 19 or so and it was brilliant. So in effect there are radiators, this of course replaces hot air heating that caravans also have. Swift Sprite. Swap pipes 1 & 14 and also reverse the expansion tank. However, our caravan has Alde heating. Looking at where the OP is currently staying and the make of the caravan, I wonder if they bought the caravan from  the same dealer. × iwoo, Remove the header tank lid and replace it - not too tight. John Mcm we found we had to turn it up to 30 C at Ripon over the weekend any less and it did not feel so warm, also found splashes of anti freeze in the wardrobe (the tank is not at the max) does the liquid just splash about and jump out of the header tank?.   Pasted as rich text. 01476 372245. The Towel rail does not have a direct flow through it, so does take longer than the other convectors to reach temperature. Hope this helps. The simple programmer allowed me to set required temperatures throughout each day for 1 week repeating. (Same layout as Swift Conqueror 630). There are no visible leaks in the van, so the only other possibility seems to be the automatic valve thingy (so technical!). There are alternatives you can consider. We duly rang the number, but the Alde engineer knew nothing of our problem and asked for time to contact Swift. It heated up to inferno levels at one end and was cold at the other. This is basically central we heating heating for your caravan as opposed to blown air, which is dry. × View our complete range of Swift caravans, campers, motorhomes and RVs for sale throughout Australia For those who don’t know it’s a wet heating system much like the one you might have at home. Then it was fine again until about the beginning of November. We carefully pick the best stock to ensure the best quality available. 2019 Swift Eccles 530 4 berth caravan + alde heating Hereford, Herefordshire Welcome to our listing for ;- STERLING ECCLES 530 4 BERTH **2019** APPLIANCES AND EXTRAS: AWNING ALDE HEATING ONE OWNER FROM NEW IMMACULATE CONDITION HOBS GRILL OVEN 3 WAY FRIDGE SHOWER CASSETTE LOO FLY BLINDS/SCREENS SPARE W Watch this video if you need some help with your Alde central heating system in your caravan. I had similar "noise" problem and had to ease a pipe "off" a bit of furniture it was rubbing against. Van is not due for next service till February, but if we can check the valve now it would be good. We have the system in out Clubman SB and are very pleased with it, a big improvement to the blown-air system we had in our previous Lunar. HELP!! Open 7 Days Monday - Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 12noon-4pm Caravans. Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger 650 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. Caravan For Sale 2013 Swift Challenger 530se,£12.500 Ono. Visit our Grantham dealership and view a variety of New Caravans for sale. I have read many reports that the alde system is an excellent heating system, however, I prefer a cold bedroom and without some method of turning off the radiator in the bedroom area I fear the system would not suit me. November 19, 2018 in Swift Caravans. This is basically central we heating heating for your caravan as opposed to blown air, which is dry. After hearing the details they rang back the next day with a contact number for an Alde engineer who was to come to our house and fix this. Experts in Used Caravans, Webbs proudly present the 2018 Swift Challenger 565 ALDE Here we have a 2018 Challenger 565 ALDE, twin fixed single bed model with end washroom. With my van, the central heating water flows from the boiler under the fixed bed in an anti-clockwise direction. - Registered in 2017 but first purchased in 2018. With a full end bedroom configuration giving separate shower on one and toilet with vanity sink on the other. For 2020, Coachman is the first manufacturer to fit Alde caravan heating throughout its range. We have a similar van and would agree entirely with your observations. The flow from the boiler runs to the toilet and then under my single bed. Swift Challenger, Swift Challenger 570, Alde Heating in Mobile & Touring Caravans, Challenger Sport, Dodge Challenger Cars, Swift Caravans, Swift Kontiki, Swift Motorhomes, Swift Corniche, Swift Static Caravans The second one, a Bailey, was rubbish. Also have you set the load of heating suitable for your desired temp i. e. 1kw 2kw etc. It was just the tank cap not tightened. 2. It is a "knob" on the rear motor casing of the pump assembly. Visit our Grantham dealership and view a variety of New Caravans for sale. Also not sure if the boiler would work as designed if the flow was reversed. The Alde heating system is referred to as ‘hydronic’, which is a fancy word for wet. Swift Challenger, Swift Challenger 570, Alde Heating in Mobile & Touring Caravans, Challenger Sport, Dodge Challenger Cars, Swift Caravans, Swift Kontiki, Swift Motorhomes, Swift Corniche, Swift Static Caravans Started 2 hours ago, Copyright Alphaquad Ltd We had fluid in the wardrobe. Alde heating Coolant change £180.00 inc the Pink Alde Coolant, and don't forget we are mobile, so we come to you at no extra charge! Established in 1949, Alde have always developed and manufactured their products at their base in Southern Sweden. It definitely swirls around in there (I'm assuming your van has the motor in the header tank) but shouldn't come out. Reminder for Members If you are a current member of the Swift Owners Club who joined us before August 2020, subscriptions for 2021 are due no later than 31 Dec 2020. Skip to content. Swift Challenger 530AL - 2017 - 4 Berth Touring Caravan All of our vehicles are privately sourced and not from auction or other dealers. Ive seen other posts where fluid have spilt out into the wardrobe, but we haven't ever suffered this. ALDE TECHNOLOGY. Next to the automatic airbleed (Brass valve on boiler) is a non return valve on the flow. We discussed the fact that the van was on our drive, that taking the van to our dealer was a whole day undertaking (so not the preferred option), that our next service had been booked and was not till March 23rd, and that meantime the fluid kept disappearing. John Mcm Visit our Grantham dealership and view a variety of New Caravans for sale. Don't apply pressure or you will overtighten it and that can contribute to gurgling noises from the header tank. Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger X 835 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. As part of the PDI this  should be finally set down to number two; many times we hear sloppy dealers forgetting to do so. In the new Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE ranges, Swift Group has fitted an Alde heating system that is controlled by a clever touchscreen control panel. Place an order for a new 2016 Challenger or Eccles caravan before 6pm on 28 February 2016 and Swift will upgrade it to feature Alde heating … richardandros. Not sure of my facts here, but I think that on our Swift you have to switch the ALDE electric heating on at the Sargeant Control Panel and also Switch the Mains on, over the door. Once the system is fully heated, it is not an issue- but this can take some time. This advert is located in and around Blaxton Doncaster, South Yorkshire. In the last week we had to add over 2 litres of fluid as the level kept dropping, it seemed to happen every time we moved sites. Keith and Michelle provide their thoughts on Alde wet central heating vs Truma blown air heating. The effect is that the bed area heats up quickly, but the bathroom takes much longer to heat up since it is as the end of the flow. By It very much depends on the installation as to whether the Alde system is as good as it is proclaimed to be. Upload or insert images from URL. I have found that sometimes when you think you are getting help via a forum, it doesn't always work out. You can find us at some of the world’s leading trade fairs – or maybe when you’re staying in one of the fabulous recreational vehicles available on the market. I too have found the temperature even across the van and even in Snow last March at Burford coped admirally. Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger 645 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. We set ours to 21 degrees during the day, and 19-20 degrees at night. Alde heating problem Alde heating problem ... on a swift 480 size c'van there is a bleed valve behind both long seat backrest boards in the rubber hoses which connect the pipes to the heat exchangers. AS A WORLD-renowned manufacturer of heating systems for caravans and motorhomes, Alde knows how important it is to reduce the weight of its products in order to save energy and space in the vehicle. We are running the heating on minimum temp and 1Kw, and check it every few days, one day we just suddenly find the pump is whirring in mid air. Display as a link instead, × Caravan anitfreeze probably isn’t something you give much thought to. Details how to set the above are in the manual,or on line. ... And our test van had the optional Alde heating fitted, costing another £995. swiftgroup. After a further 2 weeks, having heard nothing, we contacted Swift ourselves. Back in mid January we were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Swift, who had seen either this thread or one on another forum, and wanted to get this sorted for us. Display as a link instead, × We had this same problem when the van was new (March 2008) but it settled down, now it is worse than ever. It is a good idea to have a second source of heating, especially in cold weather, just in case your primary heating fails. Started 6 hours ago, By Not much fun when the air temperature is very hot and you have the heating on in the toilet and you are getting into a hot bed. Clear editor. This helpful video by Venture Caravans shows you how to use the Alde heating and water heating system that is fitted in the Bailey Unicorn 2 Valencia. I did wonder if reversing the polarity on the circulation pump (mounted on the system header tank in the wardrobe in our case) would force the water round in the opposite direction. On my last 3000 there was a simple arrangement of switches setting heat hot water or both and either 1or 2 kw or gas. Swift Caravans Range Find your dream Swift tourer with a selection of three outstanding ranges including the 8ft-wide Sprite Super, Challenger X and Elegance Grande. Started December 30, 2020, By (Same layout as Swift Conqueror 630). The tank can them be reversed. My husband checked the system level this morning and found it again well down, he had to add 1 litre of water/anti-freeze, so it must surely be escaping somehow.